Other Work
A collection of other work and a few design sketches

Book Design, Motion Graphics, and Startups

Before working in digital experience design, I worked as a book designer at Alfred A. Knopf. I have also freelanced in motion graphics and consulted for a few NYC startups.

I believe design is a process that can be applied to everything—finding the right inspiration and focusing on the right feedback is the tricky part.

Alfred A. Knopf & Other Books

While at Alfred A. Knopf, I designed over fifty books and had the privilege of working with many great authors and editors. Each design was an identity for the story, character for the words, and a wayfinding system for the book. A book’s cover should capture the feeling of the book and entice the reader to know more. These book covers are my own.

App and Web Sketches

Sometimes the best way to begin solving a design problem is to make something. These digital sketches are quick explorations around functionality, hierarchy, and structure. The concepts went from paper sketches to full content in an attempt to find a visual center for the experience.